Is it worth travelling between Australian cities in search of your dream wedding dress?

My wedding is slated for winter 2018, and though most of a year lies ahead of me. As I live in Darvin, Northern Territory, I am worried how long it would take to shop for my dream wedding apparel. Some people even tell me that I should take a trip to all major Australian cities looking for that dream stuff. Some others tell me that it is the digital era and I can do everything from the comforts of my home. I am really confused and can’t get my shopping thoughts organized.

If the above sounds like you, you are not alone and many young women experience this dilemma when they set out shopping for their dream wedding dress. Given the sensitivity and intimate feelings attached to this all-important shopping, these confusions are bound to be even overwhelming at times. Therefore, here is a simple guide to help you through the process.

Should I take a trip to other cities in Australia to shop for my dream wedding dress?


Have a plan and remember you are not on a treasure hunt

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Most Australian cities and towns do have a good number of decent boutiques and showrooms of leading brands to help you zero in on your dream wedding dress. The first question is therefore answered in the negative and you need not spend your hard earned money travelling and paying for hotel rooms and airlines. In other words, what you can find in Melbourne could be the same or nearly the same in Sydney. For brides to be, who like to gravitate towards finding a world-renowned wedding gown designer, Melbourne is the place to visit, where you will find JasonGrech Bridal Shop, owned by multi-award winning & internationally renowned bridal designer, Jason Grech. For brides in other cities of Australia, this might, however, take some amount of focused research in the comfort of your home with the digital world to help.

Limited opinions help

Some women take a whole entourage on their shopping spree for their wedding dress. Well, there is no harm going out with 10 or more friends and gathering their opinion on your selection. But, when you are back home and stretching out on your bed, you are more likely to be torn between half a dozen or more opinions.


Therefore, the better way of getting a few more eye pairs on your choice is to ask your mother or sister or your best friend to give you company. Importantly, these are also the people who have your best interests in mind as opposed to what they expect you to wear on the big day. What is important is a reliable and honest companion who will speak her mind out disregarding potential consequences. At times, downright frankness comes with a price tag attached to it! Doesn’t it?

Start shopping at the right time

Ideally, you should start shopping for your wedding gown after all the other details of your wedding are in place. Remember that several factors can potentially influence the style of the wedding gown you choose. For instance, if you gravitate towards an ornate gown with substantial embellishments and sizeable train, it could look stunning if the wedding venue has a ballroom. But, if you have planned a beach wedding, the same gown could look pretty out of place. The colours chosen for the decor and bridesmaids can also hold an influence on your wedding gown irrespective of whether you pick an off-white or pure white shade. Remember that most wedding gowns take several weeks before it is delivered to you. For the same reason, rush orders will potentially cost you more too.

How many wedding gowns should you try out?

Trying wedding dress

If you keep on trying too many wedding gowns, you could easily get confused and end up looking for more. Ideally, if you limit the trial to fewer than ten options, it gets a lot easier to do the final selection. More importantly, when you find that one gown that comes close to your heart, avoid procrastination and take the buying decision. If you do some focused homework with the help of the digital world, you could make your shopping experience meaningful when you go into the physical stores. This way, you would have pictured your preferences, price range and other related details.

Deep discounts?

Most deep discounts are offered for a reason which you may never know. One possibility is that the gown you choose at a deep discount could potentially have been tried out by any number of others and therefore damaged in the process. Another reason could be that the gown you choose could have been with the retailer for several months without finding a customer. If a dozen others did not find the gown good enough, there must be some valid reason. The general principle is that discounts are not offered on first quality stuff, and that holds goods for nearly everything that we buy.

Buying the right size

The street size and the size numbers on wedding gowns differ by one or two numbers. If you insist on the regular number you are used to, going by the street side, you could be in for a surprise when you use the gown on the big day. Some women also imagine that they will be shedding some pounds before the wedding and therefore tend to pick up one or perhaps even two sizes lower. In practice, however, this just might not happen, and on the big day, you are saddled with a gown that just won’t get in! Therefore, being more realistic with all those desirable thoughts is one way to avoid huge disappointments on an all-important day in your life.

So how to decide on where to shop

Going back to the original question of where you should go shopping, the answer should be pretty simple. Take all the guidance from the digital world and insist on physical stores when it comes to the final selection. After all, you need to try out multiple options, and that is possible only in a physical store.
Happy shopping and Happy Wedding.

Choosing wedding jewellery – Valuable tips to help you with planning the big day

stack of notepads Being an avid shopper is just not adequate when it comes to bridal shopping. Plenty of budgeting and planning are involved when you set out shopping for your wedding jewellery. The list undoubtedly will be topped by the Wedding ring (custom made or otherwise), earrings (diamond or pearl), Bridal jewellery, Wedding headpieces, Crowns & Tiaras etc. This is also the start of a new phase in your life, and some changes are essential regarding things that you would be investing in. Bridal jewellery also forms a major part of your shopping budget for the wedding. To ensure that you pick the best and have no regrets later, the following tips are designed to help you along the way. To align all other items of the wedding jewellery, it is necessary that you decide on the wedding outfit first. It gets a lot easier this way to finalize various ensembles for different events during the wedding and picking matching jewellery is rendered pretty easy. What you wear on the D day will impact many things. You may need antique jewellery when you opt for dull gold or a diamond set with jarring looks. Therefore, you will need to finalize these aspects first.

Your budget

coins coming out of jar

Wedding jewellery can be pretty expensive, and therefore, it is essential that you set an overall budget and remember to fix an upper limit. With that, you would be able to explore various stones, metals and designs. Very often people tend to overshoot the budget, and that could potentially impact many things going forward. Aligning with what you can afford at the moment and taking care to scrap a few hundred dollars from that is the best way to go.

Focused research

Ensure that you set aside adequate time in advance to undertake focused research for your needs. The digital world has a wide range of resources and you may want to factor in the opinion of all family members, your significant other and maybe, even your close friends. Scour through various platforms like Instagram, Pinterest etc. and remember to store away your choices in a folder. This will also help you share everything with all those whom you care to.

Determining what is suitable for you

When you start selecting the bridal jewellery for you, you must consider how every piece looks on you. Some jewellery pieces enhance your appeal while some others do just the opposite. The best way to ensure perfection is going across to the jeweller, possibly with your fiancé or a close friend and try out each piece of jewellery that you intend buying is sitting before a mirror. This is one occasion when you will be buying most of your jewellery and possibly hold on to them for years to come, so every piece of jewellery should be designed with care and creativity. Stephanie Browne and Joseph George are synonymous with creativity, design and quality suited to brides looking for stylish, on trend and customised bridal jewellery, including rings.

Aligning your choices with your outfit

Carrying a picture of your outfit on the Big Day is an absolute must so that you can align your final options with the outfit. This way, the jeweller can also chip in with his thoughts, how certain pieces of jewellery make the best fit with your outfit.

Consider the shape of your neck and face


A broad forehead makes a round face look fuller. Conversely, if you have an oval-shaped face, you can avoid long necklaces since it potentially elongates your appearance. A wider necklace, on the other hand, enhances the collarbone area.

Matching jewellery with skin tone

Bright gold works well with fair skin, but when your skin has a darker tone, dull gold is a better option. For women with a pale skin tone, white gold and diamonds tend to look pretty stark. The emphasis is not on colour, but different varieties match your skin tone so that they compliment well with your body.

Consider your wedding date

couple making heart with their hand

Some people are so meticulous in planning that they complete most of their wedding shopping months ahead of the Big Day. While this is indeed a desirable trait, one thing to remember is that when it comes to fashion trends, things can change rapidly and what was in vogue barely 6 months ago can be outdated stuff on that all-important day. One way to overcome this roadblock is to choose timeless jewellery.

Are you also making an investment?

Many women like to buy expensive jewellery for their wedding rather than pick inexpensive imitations. If this is the case with you, your thoughts should gravitate towards gold, silver and platinum jewellery since they constitute a more liquid asset and always have a market value. Diamonds, on the other hand, do not have a significant resale value and are not easily tradeable.

Keeping your choices versatile

If you pick wedding jewellery with just the big day in mind, you may not be able to wear them as often as you would like to, in the future. On the other hand, if you choose versatile jewellery you can potentially use them in combination with nearly every type of outfit.

Final makeup and hairstyle on the Big Day

It is a good idea to speak to your beautician before you go shopping for the wedding jewellery. Maybe, she can suggest some nice looking stuff to enhance your appeal and personality on that memorable day. Her experience is valuable since she would have considered a variety of aspects and may even have something special to offer.

Heirloom jewellery

Some of us do have some heirloom jewellery. Check with your parents and grandparents about this aspect before you draw up your shopping list. For instance, your grandmother may be planning to gift a ring or a pair of earrings from her collection. While there can be no price tag on the sentimental value, the intrinsic value will be greater than all the jewellery you may have.

Camisoles: Create Your Own Simple Yet Elegant Camisole Looks

What defines a camisole?

Making its debut into ladies’ fashion in the late 19th century, the camisole or cami has since become a wardrobe staple. Not to be confused with tank tops, camisoles traditionally have thinner straps and can be made from a variety of fabrics, which are:

  • Polyester
  • Satin
  • Velvet
  • Cotton-lycra blend (for stretch)
  • Silk

The straps on camisoles are often adjustable. They usually make use of the same sliders found on bra straps. Camisoles can be loosely shaped or have a snug fit depending on their design. They are designed to fit the waist, but can also be of varying lengths in the torso, from cropped to hip-length designs. Also, they can have built-in bras, which means you don’t need to wear a separate bra underneath. Thus, resulting in a more streamlined appearance. Wearing camisole as undergarment is also an option to consider for its light and comfortable feel.

Where can you wear camisoles?

Camisoles are only suitable to be worn in countries with free standards of dress due to modesty issues. They are more popular in warmer climates countries, because of their lack of sleeves and often flowing design. In general, the camisole is a casual garment, but there are some exceptions. They are attractive to wear in corporate settings, but only as part of a pant or skirt suit. Camisoles are also a popular choice for evening wear, but fashion etiquette dictates that the fabric should be silky and possibly embellished. Camisoles are often worn as sleepwear because of their level of comfort or as everyday layering pieces because of their versatility.

Best things about camisoles

If you’re a fan of wearing the odd statement necklace, you’ll love camis. Because of their simple, open necklines, they make the perfect top to show off a beautiful necklace.
If you own a camisole or two, you’ll never find yourself saying ‘I have nothing to wear’. This is because they are just so versatile and flattering, you’ll always be able to come up with an outfit that makes you happy.

Let’s have a look at the many ways camisoles can be styled:


A camisole can help your corporate wear looks more feminine. Jewel tones often make the best choice for the office. They would usually be a looser flattering cut, rather than form-fitting. For a professional look, camisoles should be worn with a pant suit or skirt suit. Your jacket would need to remain on throughout the day as bare shoulders are usually a no-no in an office environment. In that circumstance, you can wear a separate bra because your jacket will always cover the straps.


Modesty layering

A camisole is ideal to wear under a low-cut wrap dress or low-cut sweater. In this case, the point of the cami is to be visible. Therefore, nude is a poor choice of colour. Black often looks the best, or wear a coordinating colour. Make sure you are not relying on the cami to resolve a garment that doesn’t fit properly. It is one thing to provide some modesty, and another when the garment is a poor fit, to begin with.

A traditional way to wear the camisole is teamed with a cardigan in the same or complementing colour. This can be more flattering than a cami/sweater combination while still keeping you warm.

Under a sheer top

For increased modesty under a sheer top, try wearing a camisole in a coordinating colour. Alternatively, black, white and nude camis make solid investments as these colours often look best under sheer garments. It’s best to wear a cami of thin fabric that is form-fitting but not too tight. It will help to streamline your appearance with that extra layer of fabric. Additionally, a cami with a built-in bra is a good idea in this circumstance for the same reason. It is important to make sure your camisole is not longer than your blouse. It is not a good look to have it hanging out the bottom or visible when you raise your arms.

Night out

Pair a pleated camisole or button-front camisole with a stylish midi skirt, clutch and metallic sandals. It’s often best to tuck your cami in when wearing a skirt. Otherwise, you will have a shapeless look. Alternatively, team it with tailored black pants and sky-high heels for simple elegance.

Cami as outerwear

If you want something different with your favourite cami, try using it as outerwear. Try wearing a cute velvet camisole over a tee and team with jeans or a mini skirt. For an interesting contrast, wear a cami over a striped tee. It’s important when attempting this look to make sure your cami isn’t too tight and your tee isn’t too loose. Otherwise, it just won’t work. You can make this look appears different in so many ways. If you live somewhere a little chillier, then a turtleneck worn under a camisole can look pretty and keep you warm. Maintain a laidback look with ripped jeans.

There is not only shirt you can layer a cami over. You can layer it over a dress instead. This look works best with a dress that doesn’t have a full skirt. Try it with a form-fitting maxi in a dark colour. This is an innovative way to style a sheer or lace camisole.


Wear a shaped but flowing camisole with jeans for casual chic. Throw over a jacket if it’s going to get chilly and wear sneakers for laidback cool. The ideal cami for this look is one with contrasting lace. Try white or nude pink with black lace.

Boho chic

Wearing a camisole with a maxi skirt gives you instant bohemian appeal. Try using a blend of textures. A stretch cotton cami with a silky maxi looks beautiful. Alternatively, experiment a form-fitting cami under a kimono with jeans. It’s a relaxed look, and you can add some playful prints and colours with the kimono.

Evening wear

Complement a draped silk camisole with a maxi skirt of either semi-sheer or similar silky fabric. Matching jewel tones are best or try a pale rose coloured cami with a white skirt for elegant romance.

Going it alone, or layering it up … what’s your favourite way to style a camisole?