Choosing wedding jewellery – Valuable tips to help you with planning the big day

stack of notepads Being an avid shopper is just not adequate when it comes to bridal shopping. Plenty of budgeting and planning are involved when you set out shopping for your wedding jewellery. The list undoubtedly will be topped by the Wedding ring (custom made or otherwise), earrings (diamond or pearl), Bridal jewellery, Wedding headpieces, Crowns & Tiaras etc. This is also the start of a new phase in your life, and some changes are essential regarding things that you would be investing in. Bridal jewellery also forms a major part of your shopping budget for the wedding. To ensure that you pick the best and have no regrets later, the following tips are designed to help you along the way. To align all other items of the wedding jewellery, it is necessary that you decide on the wedding outfit first. It gets a lot easier this way to finalize various ensembles for different events during the wedding and picking matching jewellery is rendered pretty easy. What you wear on the D day will impact many things. You may need antique jewellery when you opt for dull gold or a diamond set with jarring looks. Therefore, you will need to finalize these aspects first.

Your budget

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Wedding jewellery can be pretty expensive, and therefore, it is essential that you set an overall budget and remember to fix an upper limit. With that, you would be able to explore various stones, metals and designs. Very often people tend to overshoot the budget, and that could potentially impact many things going forward. Aligning with what you can afford at the moment and taking care to scrap a few hundred dollars from that is the best way to go.

Focused research

Ensure that you set aside adequate time in advance to undertake focused research for your needs. The digital world has a wide range of resources and you may want to factor in the opinion of all family members, your significant other and maybe, even your close friends. Scour through various platforms like Instagram, Pinterest etc. and remember to store away your choices in a folder. This will also help you share everything with all those whom you care to.

Determining what is suitable for you

When you start selecting the bridal jewellery for you, you must consider how every piece looks on you. Some jewellery pieces enhance your appeal while some others do just the opposite. The best way to ensure perfection is going across to the jeweller, possibly with your fiancé or a close friend and try out each piece of jewellery that you intend buying is sitting before a mirror. This is one occasion when you will be buying most of your jewellery and possibly hold on to them for years to come, so every piece of jewellery should be designed with care and creativity. Stephanie Browne and Joseph George are synonymous with creativity, design and quality suited to brides looking for stylish, on trend and customised bridal jewellery, including rings.

Aligning your choices with your outfit

Carrying a picture of your outfit on the Big Day is an absolute must so that you can align your final options with the outfit. This way, the jeweller can also chip in with his thoughts, how certain pieces of jewellery make the best fit with your outfit.

Consider the shape of your neck and face


A broad forehead makes a round face look fuller. Conversely, if you have an oval-shaped face, you can avoid long necklaces since it potentially elongates your appearance. A wider necklace, on the other hand, enhances the collarbone area.

Matching jewellery with skin tone

Bright gold works well with fair skin, but when your skin has a darker tone, dull gold is a better option. For women with a pale skin tone, white gold and diamonds tend to look pretty stark. The emphasis is not on colour, but different varieties match your skin tone so that they compliment well with your body.

Consider your wedding date

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Some people are so meticulous in planning that they complete most of their wedding shopping months ahead of the Big Day. While this is indeed a desirable trait, one thing to remember is that when it comes to fashion trends, things can change rapidly and what was in vogue barely 6 months ago can be outdated stuff on that all-important day. One way to overcome this roadblock is to choose timeless jewellery.

Are you also making an investment?

Many women like to buy expensive jewellery for their wedding rather than pick inexpensive imitations. If this is the case with you, your thoughts should gravitate towards gold, silver and platinum jewellery since they constitute a more liquid asset and always have a market value. Diamonds, on the other hand, do not have a significant resale value and are not easily tradeable.

Keeping your choices versatile

If you pick wedding jewellery with just the big day in mind, you may not be able to wear them as often as you would like to, in the future. On the other hand, if you choose versatile jewellery you can potentially use them in combination with nearly every type of outfit.

Final makeup and hairstyle on the Big Day

It is a good idea to speak to your beautician before you go shopping for the wedding jewellery. Maybe, she can suggest some nice looking stuff to enhance your appeal and personality on that memorable day. Her experience is valuable since she would have considered a variety of aspects and may even have something special to offer.

Heirloom jewellery

Some of us do have some heirloom jewellery. Check with your parents and grandparents about this aspect before you draw up your shopping list. For instance, your grandmother may be planning to gift a ring or a pair of earrings from her collection. While there can be no price tag on the sentimental value, the intrinsic value will be greater than all the jewellery you may have.