Is it worth travelling between Australian cities in search of your dream wedding dress?

My wedding is slated for winter 2018, and though most of a year lies ahead of me. As I live in Darvin, Northern Territory, I am worried how long it would take to shop for my dream wedding apparel. Some people even tell me that I should take a trip to all major Australian cities looking for that dream stuff. Some others tell me that it is the digital era and I can do everything from the comforts of my home. I am really confused and can’t get my shopping thoughts organized.

If the above sounds like you, you are not alone and many young women experience this dilemma when they set out shopping for their dream wedding dress. Given the sensitivity and intimate feelings attached to this all-important shopping, these confusions are bound to be even overwhelming at times. Therefore, here is a simple guide to help you through the process.

Should I take a trip to other cities in Australia to shop for my dream wedding dress?


Have a plan and remember you are not on a treasure hunt

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Most Australian cities and towns do have a good number of decent boutiques and showrooms of leading brands to help you zero in on your dream wedding dress. The first question is therefore answered in the negative and you need not spend your hard earned money travelling and paying for hotel rooms and airlines. In other words, what you can find in Melbourne could be the same or nearly the same in Sydney. For brides to be, who like to gravitate towards finding a world-renowned wedding gown designer, Melbourne is the place to visit, where you will find JasonGrech Bridal Shop, owned by multi-award winning & internationally renowned bridal designer, Jason Grech. For brides in other cities of Australia, this might, however, take some amount of focused research in the comfort of your home with the digital world to help.

Limited opinions help

Some women take a whole entourage on their shopping spree for their wedding dress. Well, there is no harm going out with 10 or more friends and gathering their opinion on your selection. But, when you are back home and stretching out on your bed, you are more likely to be torn between half a dozen or more opinions.


Therefore, the better way of getting a few more eye pairs on your choice is to ask your mother or sister or your best friend to give you company. Importantly, these are also the people who have your best interests in mind as opposed to what they expect you to wear on the big day. What is important is a reliable and honest companion who will speak her mind out disregarding potential consequences. At times, downright frankness comes with a price tag attached to it! Doesn’t it?

Start shopping at the right time

Ideally, you should start shopping for your wedding gown after all the other details of your wedding are in place. Remember that several factors can potentially influence the style of the wedding gown you choose. For instance, if you gravitate towards an ornate gown with substantial embellishments and sizeable train, it could look stunning if the wedding venue has a ballroom. But, if you have planned a beach wedding, the same gown could look pretty out of place. The colours chosen for the decor and bridesmaids can also hold an influence on your wedding gown irrespective of whether you pick an off-white or pure white shade. Remember that most wedding gowns take several weeks before it is delivered to you. For the same reason, rush orders will potentially cost you more too.

How many wedding gowns should you try out?

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If you keep on trying too many wedding gowns, you could easily get confused and end up looking for more. Ideally, if you limit the trial to fewer than ten options, it gets a lot easier to do the final selection. More importantly, when you find that one gown that comes close to your heart, avoid procrastination and take the buying decision. If you do some focused homework with the help of the digital world, you could make your shopping experience meaningful when you go into the physical stores. This way, you would have pictured your preferences, price range and other related details.

Deep discounts?

Most deep discounts are offered for a reason which you may never know. One possibility is that the gown you choose at a deep discount could potentially have been tried out by any number of others and therefore damaged in the process. Another reason could be that the gown you choose could have been with the retailer for several months without finding a customer. If a dozen others did not find the gown good enough, there must be some valid reason. The general principle is that discounts are not offered on first quality stuff, and that holds goods for nearly everything that we buy.

Buying the right size

The street size and the size numbers on wedding gowns differ by one or two numbers. If you insist on the regular number you are used to, going by the street side, you could be in for a surprise when you use the gown on the big day. Some women also imagine that they will be shedding some pounds before the wedding and therefore tend to pick up one or perhaps even two sizes lower. In practice, however, this just might not happen, and on the big day, you are saddled with a gown that just won’t get in! Therefore, being more realistic with all those desirable thoughts is one way to avoid huge disappointments on an all-important day in your life.

So how to decide on where to shop

Going back to the original question of where you should go shopping, the answer should be pretty simple. Take all the guidance from the digital world and insist on physical stores when it comes to the final selection. After all, you need to try out multiple options, and that is possible only in a physical store.
Happy shopping and Happy Wedding.

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